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Resume Services

Every job application or school admission application is unique. One resume for all is never the right approach for a successful outcome. Talk to the people who have been through the journey you want to experience. They can give you precise advice on tailoring your resume for your target job or school. Find the mentor of your choice and stop making one size fits all blunders with resumes.

Here is how it works:

  • Create the first draft of your resume.

  • Schedule a 30 minute 1:1 mentorship call.

  • Get a clear strategy for tailoring your resume.

Discover the insights about your target school by talking to someone who is a current student or alumn of that school. We believe talking to someone from the target school is the best way to know about the school. Use this opportunity to create the theme of your stories and application. 


Following are some of the topics that the mentor will be able to guide you on:

  1. School selection                       

  2. Story building

  3. Profile assessment

  4. Essay review

  5. CV review

  6. School fit

  7. School Insights

  8. Application strategy

  9. Scholarship Strategy

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